Shades of spring: Flowers for spring

Shades Of Spring: Which Flowers Are Best In Spring?

Spring is the season of renewal, new beginnings, and vibrant colors. After the long, cold, and gray winter, green shoots burst out and flowers start to blossom. And what sweet fragrance these flowers have along with the bright and vivid colors! Spring season flowers look great in the garden and all types of flower arrangements. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, or any other occasion, a bouquet or arrangement of spring flowers is ideal due to their beauty, and fragrance. Here is a list of flowers that bloom in spring and are perfect for gifting or even simply decorating your home. These attractive flowers will delight you and keep your home or office fresh and pleasant.

  1. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are the first on our list of spring season flowers. These have a slight resemblance to sunflowers and come in a variety of bright colors like yellow, pink, red, and of course white. These are highly popular flowers and are preferred for floral arrangements at weddings and other grand events.

  1. Crocus Flowers

Crocus flowers are bulbs with a beautiful cup shape. These are found in different colors like yellow, white, lilac, and purple with the latter being the most popular. Saffron is sourced from the autumn variety of crocus flowers. Since these flowers have short stems, they are generally arranged in bud vases and sometimes paired with striped grassy foliage for an eye-catching appearance.

  1. Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are magnificent spring season flowers with a unique flute-like shape. You can find them in a variety of colors including yellow, white, deep pink, and purple. Gift a bouquet of Calla Lilies wrapped in a satin ribbon to your spouse on your 6th wedding anniversary. Calla lilies are also paired with roses for creating elegant bouquets for different events and occasions.

  1. Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet peas are pretty flowers with a sweet fragrance that come in different shades of blue, red, pink, and white. These flowers symbolize bliss and joy and are preferred for cut flower arrangements. Due to their slender stems, they look equally great whether presented in a bouquet, tied with ribbons and strings, or put in a charming glass vase. They also make for a stunning background, especially in all-white-themed celebrations.

  1. Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils have an exquisite trumpeted shape and are considered the cheeriest spring season flowers. Daffodils come in bright and vibrant colors. From white, pink to different shades of yellow and orange, you can find daffodils suited for all types of occasions. Since they represent new beginnings, these are ideal for gifting to someone who has started something new. It can be a new enterprise, job, new home, or even a wedding. A gift of a daffodil flower basket or bouquet is never wrong.

  1. Tulips

Tulips are one of the most sought-after flowers in the world with a popularity that extends back to hundreds of years. These beautiful flowers have a 6 petal configuration and a unique bulb shape. They can withstand high temperatures and humidity and so are perfect for the Indian subcontinent. Tulips come in a wide range of vibrant colors and amazing floral scents. Colors range from white, pink, yellow, blue, and dark purple among others. Fragrances include sweet, spicy, honey, citrus, and many more. Tulips are versatile gift choices that are accepted with the utmost delight. They look amazingly well in flower arrangements as well as bouquets. You can either gift a tulip bouquet in a single shade for a specific occasion or a bunch of multicolored tulips if you want to stand out from the rest.

  1. Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus are gorgeous spring season flowers with tissue-thin petals and a close resemblance to roses. These are also known as Persian buttercups. The blooms come in a rainbow of colors including orange, apricot, red, pink, burgundy, cream, and pale yellow. These exquisite things of beauty look great in all types of flower arrangements. Whether it be a purple ranunculus arrangement in a wood vase or a mix of different shades accentuated by leafy foliage, these always are adored and admired.

  1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a delicate white flower with an eye-pleasing droopy bell shape. These are woodland flowers that are known for their light and fresh fragrance and are used to make high-end perfumes. Due to their shape, they work well as cut flowers and are used popularly in wedding bouquets. A bouquet of lily of the valley flowers surrounded by green foliage has been the favorite of royal brides for ages.

  1. Pansy Flowers

Pansies are elegant and lovely-looking spring season flowers. From red, black, apricot to purple and lavender, you can easily find a pansy flower as they have one of the widest color ranges. The blooms are found in single colors and also in multiple shades in a single flower. Pansy flower arrangements are excellent for interior decoration along with violas. But take care to keep the cut pansies in a water-filled vase. A bouquet of purple pansies with lilacs is a superb choice to give to a boss or authority figure you admire and look up to.

  1. Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinths are majestic spring flowers that come in several shades of red, cobalt blue, apricot, pink, lavender, and deep purple. The scent of these clustery star-shaped flowers changes as the flower blooms. While buds have a light and fresh fragrance, the full blooms have an amazingly intoxicating scent. Hyacinths are a staple of spring wedding bouquets and are sought after for decorations and arrangements along with roses and ranunculus flowers.

  1. Peonies

Peonies are large ornamental flowers that are known as the “King of flowers” in China and Japan. These spring season flowers have an alluring sweet fragrance. Their fragrance is supposed to lower anxiety and depression and calm the mind and is used to make perfumes and scented oils. Its blooms are fabulous and come in different shades of white, maroon, yellow, red, and pink. Peonies are a favorite of decorators and florists alike and are perfect for weddings, bouquets, and floral arrangements alike. For elaborate floral arrangements, peonies in pastel shades look great amongst any backdrop.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are absolute stunners with a cluster of petals coming together in a beautiful round shape. These fluffy flowers bloom in a range of vibrant shades including pink, purple, green, violet, blue, and white among others. Their beautiful multi-colored blooms make them ideal decoration choices for weddings and other celebrations. These look fabulous whether as a standalone centerpiece for a day wedding or a beautiful arrangement surrounded by small candles for a dinner party. Hydrangea blooms become a center of attraction any which way you arrange them.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the spring season flowers that are grown in India. You can sow them in the autumn and winters and wait for the spring season to bloom. Or you can get in touch with your favorite gift and flower portal (that’s us) and select from a wide range of choices available. Call us at Fiorella now for quick and prompt delivery.

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