10 Unique Diwali Flower Decoration Ideas

Diwali is one of the major festivals of India with a literal translation as the ‘Day of Lights’ or the ‘Festival of Lights’. On this day Lord Rama reached home after vanquishing the demon king Ravana. We clean and beautify our homes and celebrate by eating sweets and lighting lamps and candles all around our homes. Usually, we beautify and decorate our homes with electric lights, but this year why not include beautiful flowers with amazing arrangements as well? Flower decorations always look beautiful, refresh the surroundings and brighten the atmosphere. Let us look into some breathtaking Diwali flower decoration ideas below.


  1. Exterior Floral Arrangements


Exterior decoration for Diwali generally consists of hanging colorful electric lights in different eye-catching patterns and occasional diyas. This Diwali also include flowers along with diyas and lights. Adorn the doors of your home with garlands of flowers on the top and the sides. Use carnations to decorate the arches. Create flower patterns as per the design of the windows of your home. Use the traditional marigold flowers with lilies, carnations, and orchids for an exotic appearance. Include the auspicious mango and bel leaves with the decorations. This Diwali flower decoration will look beautiful and be welcoming to the guests.


  1. Rangoli Made of Flowers


Rangoli is the traditional color arrangement made on the floor at festivals and celebrations. This Diwali make the rangoli out of flowers. Flowers come in a variety of colors and are a better substitute to the colors which may have chemicals. And flowers smell good too. Use all shades of colors from different flowers like white from daisies and jasmines, yellow and orange from marigolds, red from roses among other varieties. Use whole flowers and petals and most important of all, use your imagination to the fullest. Add some Diyas to the arrangement and your Diwali decoration ideas with flowers will be talked about with appreciation in the whole neighborhood.


  1. Interior Floral Arrangements


Decorating the interior of the house on Diwali is equally important. This is where your guests and relatives gather for sweets and celebrations. Order a big flower bouquet and four small-sized bouquets for the corners. Order a combination of flowers like hydrangeas, roses of different colors other than red, tulips, and lilies. Install the big one as the centerpiece of your living room and arrange the small bouquets in small tables at the corners for a flowery ambiance. This will be a lovely greeting sight for your guests and a favorite spot to take selfies for the children with their siblings and cousins.


  1. Floating Floral Decorations


This is an alternative to the above-mentioned decoration. Instead of ordering flower bouquets arrange a floating Diwali flower decoration. Take a mid-sized ornamental vessel preferably brass or copper, fill it with water, and put your favorite flowers in it. Add floating candles to it and put the vessel in the center of the living room. Petals and floating candles will add and enhance the visual appeal of the Diwali decorations.


  1. Flowers for Staircases and Railings


Staircases and railings are perfect placements for flower decorations. Place flower pots on the steps leading to your home. Light earthen diyas on both sides of the flower pots. Wrap the garlands made of flowers like marigolds, daisies, or roses on the railings along with the strings of colorful lights. Even before reaching your home, guests will be amazed by the quality of decorations done on staircases and railings.


  1. Decorate Your Pooja Place


On Diwali, we light lamps and offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi for ongoing prosperity. A good Diwali flower decoration idea is to spruce up your pooja place with a special emphasis on flowers. Hang garlands around the pooja room. Cover the wall behind the idols with different flowers in auspicious patterns like Om and Swastik signs. Fill your pooja thali with marigolds and roses and place some flowers at the Goddess’s feet as a final touch.


  1. Flowers and Curtains


You can also decorate curtains with flowers for a unique look. Drape garlands of flowers on the edges of the curtains. You can also put your curtains to the sides and decorate the flowers on the curtain tie-backs. Make or order garlands of flowers matching the colors of your drapes and curtains.


  1. Combine Flowers with Other Decorative Items


Why not combine flowers with other items for a fun theme this Diwali? Add bright colored ribbons to the flower decorations inside and outside the house. Also, get some multi-colored balloons and tie flower garlands to their strings and let them float from the ceiling. Use different lengths of garlands for an asymmetric look. This will give a nice touch to your fun decorative theme this Diwali.


  1. Flowers and Diyas


We are not forgetting the traditional among all these decorations. Include Diyas or traditional earthen lamps with Diwali flower decorations. Light Diyas painted in vibrant colors and put flowers alongside them. The flowers can be put in small vases, little brass pots, or painted earthen pots. Flowers may include chrysanthemums, hibiscus, and roses among marigolds.


  1. Flower Chandelier


Decorate the ceiling of your house with chandeliers made of flowers and foliage. These are easy to make and if you face difficulty creating them, either look online for a DIY tutorial or order from a florist. Hang them from your ceilings, corners, light fixtures, and even from fans. They will beautify and refresh your home and make it look elegant too.




So, these are the different Diwali decoration ideas with flowers we have curated for you this year. You can decorate your home and celebrate Diwali surrounded by the fragrance and beauty of flowers.