Shades Of Spring: Which Flowers Are Best In Spring?

Spring is the season of renewal, new beginnings, and vibrant colors. After the long, cold, and gray winter, green shoots burst out and flowers start to blossom. And what sweet fragrance these flowers have along with the bright and vivid colors! Spring season flowers look great in the garden and all types of flower arrangements. Whether it be a wedding, birthday, or any other occasion, a bouquet or arrangement of spring flowers is ideal due to their beauty, and fragrance. Here is a list of flowers that bloom in spring and are perfect for gifting or even simply decorating your home. These attractive flowers will delight you and keep your home or office fresh and pleasant.

  1. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are the first on our list of spring season flowers. These have a slight resemblance to sunflowers and come in a variety of bright colors like yellow, pink, red, and of course white. These are highly popular flowers and are preferred for floral arrangements at weddings and other grand events.

  1. Crocus Flowers

Crocus flowers are bulbs with a beautiful cup shape. These are found in different colors like yellow, white, lilac, and purple with the latter being the most popular. Saffron is sourced from the autumn variety of crocus flowers. Since these flowers have short stems, they are generally arranged in bud vases and sometimes paired with striped grassy foliage for an eye-catching appearance.

  1. Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are magnificent spring season flowers with a unique flute-like shape. You can find them in a variety of colors including yellow, white, deep pink, and purple. Gift a bouquet of Calla Lilies wrapped in a satin ribbon to your spouse on your 6th wedding anniversary. Calla lilies are also paired with roses for creating elegant bouquets for different events and occasions.

  1. Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet peas are pretty flowers with a sweet fragrance that come in different shades of blue, red, pink, and white. These flowers symbolize bliss and joy and are preferred for cut flower arrangements. Due to their slender stems, they look equally great whether presented in a bouquet, tied with ribbons and strings, or put in a charming glass vase. They also make for a stunning background, especially in all-white-themed celebrations.

  1. Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils have an exquisite trumpeted shape and are considered the cheeriest spring season flowers. Daffodils come in bright and vibrant colors. From white, pink to different shades of yellow and orange, you can find daffodils suited for all types of occasions. Since they represent new beginnings, these are ideal for gifting to someone who has started something new. It can be a new enterprise, job, new home, or even a wedding. A gift of a daffodil flower basket or bouquet is never wrong.

  1. Tulips

Tulips are one of the most sought-after flowers in the world with a popularity that extends back to hundreds of years. These beautiful flowers have a 6 petal configuration and a unique bulb shape. They can withstand high temperatures and humidity and so are perfect for the Indian subcontinent. Tulips come in a wide range of vibrant colors and amazing floral scents. Colors range from white, pink, yellow, blue, and dark purple among others. Fragrances include sweet, spicy, honey, citrus, and many more. Tulips are versatile gift choices that are accepted with the utmost delight. They look amazingly well in flower arrangements as well as bouquets. You can either gift a tulip bouquet in a single shade for a specific occasion or a bunch of multicolored tulips if you want to stand out from the rest.

  1. Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus are gorgeous spring season flowers with tissue-thin petals and a close resemblance to roses. These are also known as Persian buttercups. The blooms come in a rainbow of colors including orange, apricot, red, pink, burgundy, cream, and pale yellow. These exquisite things of beauty look great in all types of flower arrangements. Whether it be a purple ranunculus arrangement in a wood vase or a mix of different shades accentuated by leafy foliage, these always are adored and admired.

  1. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a delicate white flower with an eye-pleasing droopy bell shape. These are woodland flowers that are known for their light and fresh fragrance and are used to make high-end perfumes. Due to their shape, they work well as cut flowers and are used popularly in wedding bouquets. A bouquet of lily of the valley flowers surrounded by green foliage has been the favorite of royal brides for ages.

  1. Pansy Flowers

Pansies are elegant and lovely-looking spring season flowers. From red, black, apricot to purple and lavender, you can easily find a pansy flower as they have one of the widest color ranges. The blooms are found in single colors and also in multiple shades in a single flower. Pansy flower arrangements are excellent for interior decoration along with violas. But take care to keep the cut pansies in a water-filled vase. A bouquet of purple pansies with lilacs is a superb choice to give to a boss or authority figure you admire and look up to.

  1. Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinths are majestic spring flowers that come in several shades of red, cobalt blue, apricot, pink, lavender, and deep purple. The scent of these clustery star-shaped flowers changes as the flower blooms. While buds have a light and fresh fragrance, the full blooms have an amazingly intoxicating scent. Hyacinths are a staple of spring wedding bouquets and are sought after for decorations and arrangements along with roses and ranunculus flowers.

  1. Peonies

Peonies are large ornamental flowers that are known as the “King of flowers” in China and Japan. These spring season flowers have an alluring sweet fragrance. Their fragrance is supposed to lower anxiety and depression and calm the mind and is used to make perfumes and scented oils. Its blooms are fabulous and come in different shades of white, maroon, yellow, red, and pink. Peonies are a favorite of decorators and florists alike and are perfect for weddings, bouquets, and floral arrangements alike. For elaborate floral arrangements, peonies in pastel shades look great amongst any backdrop.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are absolute stunners with a cluster of petals coming together in a beautiful round shape. These fluffy flowers bloom in a range of vibrant shades including pink, purple, green, violet, blue, and white among others. Their beautiful multi-colored blooms make them ideal decoration choices for weddings and other celebrations. These look fabulous whether as a standalone centerpiece for a day wedding or a beautiful arrangement surrounded by small candles for a dinner party. Hydrangea blooms become a center of attraction any which way you arrange them.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the spring season flowers that are grown in India. You can sow them in the autumn and winters and wait for the spring season to bloom. Or you can get in touch with your favorite gift and flower portal (that’s us) and select from a wide range of choices available. Call us at Fiorella now for quick and prompt delivery.

The Best Flower Bouquet To Say Congratulations With

Flower bouquets and arrangements are used to convey different types of emotions. With the help of flowers, you can show your joy, pride, love, and appreciation in a beautiful manner. As such, these are ideal gifts to say congratulations with. You can gift them to celebrate milestones, important moments, and achievements of your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances. The world of flowers is vast and beautiful, but a bit confusing for the uninitiated. You have our sympathies if you ever were apprehensive and undecided on selecting flowers for gifting. To help and assist you in this noble task, we have created a guide to congratulations flowers for different occasions. Let’s dive in and educate ourselves on the best flowers to say congratulations with below.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for a New Job or Job Promotion

Yellow flowers represent cheer and happiness. They also signify friendship, success, and feelings of pride. Gift a bouquet of 25 yellow roses to your friend or siblings who have landed their dream job. Yellow roses look bright and cheery and convey your heartfelt pride and joy to the receiver embarking on the next stage of their profession. For promotion at work, the choice can be between yellow roses and sunflowers. A sunflower bouquet is also a great choice for wishing your friends to have a long and successful career as they symbolize warmth and longevity. You can also gift a pink roses arrangement to a loved one on their elevation as pink represents love and happiness.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for New Births

Flowers in pastel colors are best for celebrating a new baby. Roses in pastel shades symbolize love and new beginnings while light-colored carnations symbolize love and good luck. Get a mixed bouquet of these flowers along with rainbow roses to express your adoration of the newly arrived bundle of joy. For the pretty princess, select pink or lavender-colored roses and carnations. Alternatively, you can send a bouquet of pink stargazer lilies. For the bonny boy, send an arrangement of blue Iris and roses. Don’t forget to add newborn necessities like baby moisturizers, baby wipes, diapers, and a soft cuddly teddy bear.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Excelling in Sports and Competitions

Gerbera daisies and Orchids are apt choices as congratulations flowers for celebrating success. Gerbera daisies represent energy, friendship, joy, and vitality. Gift a vibrant multi-colored daisy arrangement to your close friend who excelled in sports activities. Gift a bouquet of yellow orchids or daisies to a friend who has cleared a competition recently as orchids represent pride and maturity and yellow is the color of friendship. Gift a purple daisy and orchid arrangement to an elder family member, boss, or someone who you look up to on their achievements. Purple signifies dignity, admiration, tradition, and success and is perfect to give for these special moments.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Higher Education

Orange flowers represent exuberance, enthusiasm, and excitement. Lilies and roses in orange color radiate happiness and celebration. Gift a bouquet of orange lilies and roses to a young friend or family member who is going abroad or joining a reputed college or university for higher education. These will truly project your pride and joy on their achievement.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Artistic Achievement

Tulips are bulbous vibrant flowers that are admired the world over for their beauty and elegance. Their symmetrical petals represent perfection and they themselves symbolize grace, elegance, fame, and passion. Send a mixed tulip arrangement to that actor, speaker, or artist friend of yours on their recent successful performance or achievement.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Engagements

White flowers signify new beginnings. White and light-colored roses are the preferred congratulations flowers for an engagement. If you prefer something a little less traditional then present a white and pastel-colored Chrysanthemum arrangement to the newly engaged couple. These cheery flowers represent optimism, rejoicing, and longevity, and therefore are ideal as an engagement present.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for a New Home

Potted orchids and elaborate mixed flower arrangements look amazing and aesthetically pleasing and are a great housewarming gift. Potted orchids are available in a variety of sizes and colors and with the right amount of care will flower for months. Another option is to gift “forever roses”. These gorgeous flowers are stunning decoration items and with proper care will last for nearly three years and more. Yet another great alternative is to give a bouquet of mixed Alstroemeria flowers. These beautiful flowers come in eye-catching multi-colored hues like yellow, red, pink, and purple among others. Alstroemeria flowers symbolize prosperity and longevity and are perfect as a house-warming gift.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Anniversaries

Red roses have always been the most preferred and popular choice as anniversary gifts. These beautiful blooms represent deep love, romance, and admiration. You can also gift pink hydrangeas to your partner along with some jewelry on your anniversary. Gift a bouquet of purple hydrangeas or fresh cut lilies in a mother-of-pearl vase to a much older and admired couple on their anniversary.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Birthdays

You get a multitude of choices when picking flowers as a birthday present. Gift pink roses to your crush on their birthday and yellow roses to a close friend. You can also order a daisy and lily arrangement in the favorite color of the recipient. You can also gift sunflowers and daffodils to signify your best wishes and warmth in the relationship.

Order Congratulation Flowers from Fiorella

Flowers are the perfect gifts as they represent a wide range of emotions and occasions. Whether it be joy, love, romance, sympathy, admiration, and appreciation among others, you never go wrong with flowers. With Fiorella, you can order bouquets and flower arrangements for an elegant and memorable gift. Make it extra special for the recipient by adding a personal note that conveys your feelings and best wishes. Trust us to express your message in the best way possible.

Check Out These 4 Things When You Buy Flowers Online Next Time

Flowers are the preferred choice of gifts or accompaniments to gifts all over the world. With flowers you can convey a whole range of feelings and emotions, that’s one of the reasons these bounties from nature are loved by all. Nowadays, when everything is accessible through technology, online shopping is quickly gaining ground over offline means of shopping. And why not, you get quick and quality service without overextending yourself and the flower industry is no exception to this.

You can buy flowers from an eCommerce platform and send them to your friends, family, and loved ones as per the occasion. It makes your job easy and your loved ones happy. But before you pull out your mobile phone or laptop to order a bouquet, do remember to check out these 4 things before you buy flowers online.

  1. Choose the Right Flowers as Per the Occasion

Think about the occasion and the recipient before you decide on the flowers. Right flowers will express your feelings and emotions effectively. Different colors and flowers have different meanings behind them. Do a little research on the signification of flowers before finalizing them. Red is the universal color of love. So, a bunch of red roses is a safe and conventional choice for proposing to someone. Orange roses on the other hand signify passion and excitement.

These are an apt gift if you want to take the relationship to the next level. Same way, yellow denotes friendship, and white denotes spirituality and peace. Daisies represent innocence and new beginnings while tulips represent deep love. You can easily search online and in our blogs too, the different meanings and symbolism of flowers and their different colors. Then decide, select and order the flowers.

  1. Different Types of Floral Arrangements

After picking the flowers, next comes the selection of flower arrangements. It also depends on the recipients and occasions. For an office colleague getting a promotion, a simple flower bouquet that can be easily placed on the workstation may suffice. But for your wedding anniversary, maybe you will require an elaborate arrangement of say 24 roses that represent 24 hours of a day. A bouquet of two dozen roses signifies your perfect love and devotion towards your partner.

A great eCommerce flower delivery platform will have a wide variety of flower arrangements for different occasions and purposes. These may include birthdays, anniversaries, apology flowers, thank you flowers, and congratulation flowers among others. Do check these out before you buy flowers online next time.

  1. Value Addition

Online flower delivery platforms may be a dime a dozen, with some offering low prices and some high. But select those which provide value. Let us explain in detail. We are reiterating again that flowers represent emotions and feelings. A gift of high-quality flowers in attractive packaging like premium boxes, vases, and containers along with carefully chosen add-ons like chocolates, cakes, and teddy bears provide a great impression.

Your gift is hugely appreciated and the recipient is overjoyed. Let’s take the example of Fiorella India. You get a wide range of premium quality flower arrangements with choices of colors, number of flowers, container types along with delicacies and other gifts. All these frills and add-ons provide value to your gift, making it memorable and special.

  1. The reputation of the Flower Delivery Service

Before you buy flowers online, do check the reputation of the flower delivery platform. You can do it easily by checking the customer reviews and testimonials on its website and social media handles. Any honorable mention in newspapers and dailies is also a positive sign. Other than that, check the customer service the platform provides.

Do they have dedicated email ids and phone numbers to attend to your needs and queries? Do they provide live chat support? Check the payment modes too. Are they safe and secure and provide data security? If yes, then you can safely go ahead with the selection and order process.


So, these are the four essential things to look out for before you buy flowers online. Reputed online flower delivery platforms like Fiorella follow the best practices of the industry. With excellent customer service, high-quality products, and a reliable delivery network, they ensure that their customers get the best. Order today, and prepare to be delightfully amazed.

6 Things to Look for in The Best Online Flower Delivery Service

Flowers are one of the most beautiful things ever known to mankind. Flowers are used for a variety of occasions and celebrations. Gifting flowers is the best way to convey your love, emotions, and feelings to the recipient. That is why flowers are the preferred gift of choice for proposals, celebrations, achievements, and congratulations.

With the advent of technology and high internet penetration, online shopping has gained precedence. From books to bouquets, everything is easily available online. Speaking of bouquets, online delivery of flowers and gifts has become popular. In such a case, you must order only from the best online flower delivery service.

Whether you are at home, commuting, or in the office, you can easily order flowers and gifts online. It saves you a lot of time and effort. You can browse through the different offerings and get your choice of flowers delivered. However, before finalizing the eCommerce platform, do look at these aspects below before deciding it is the best online flower delivery service for your gifting needs.

  1. Cater to a Wide Range of Audience

The first thing to look into an online flower delivery website is its choice of arrangements. These should include affordable, medium-budget, and premium flower arrangements. For some occasions, a simple flower bouquet may suffice, but some events or celebrations may call for elaborate flower arrangements.

A great online flower delivery website will have plenty of choices for its patrons ranging from affordable to premium. The flower arrangements should not be restricted to either end of the economic spectrum but offer flexibility while using quality products.

  1. Customization Opportunities

Names differ, occasions change and preferences vary. A gift has to have a touch of the personal. Uniformity in a gift especially flowers takes the charm away from it and makes it ordinary. An excellent online flower delivery website will provide its patrons with customization opportunities.

These may include flower and color options, gifts and other add-ons, personalized messages, and a choice of unique boxes and vases among other things. These decorations and add-ons provide a personal touch and make the day of the recipient.

They will pleasantly surprise your loved ones and you get appreciated for the love and care you put in the gift.

  1. Easy to Order Process that Saves Time

Time is at a premium today. It is the one commodity that once spent cannot be regained. The best online flower delivery service understands and follows this philosophy. They will provide an excellent user interface and easy navigation that lets the customer pick their choice of flower arrangements easily.

Their shopping and buying process is smooth with a quick checkout facility. Customers easily order their desired flowers and gifts and save valuable time in the process too.

  1. Great Customer Care Service

Customer care is the foundation for any business’s success, especially online. For an online flower delivery service, its customer care service should assist you with all aspects of the order process. They should be able to answer and resolve your queries regarding orders, tracking, and delivery. A dedicated customer care service with helpful personnel manning it is a sure sign that it is an online flower delivery service you can trust.

  1. Curated Gift Choices for Different Occasions

Flowers are all about occasions and celebrations. From Diwali, Rakhi, Valentine’s Day to birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, flowers are a popular gift choice in our country. An online flower delivery service cued to its customer’s needs will create curated flower arrangements and gift options for these occasions. They will provide offers that include different types of festival, seasonal, and corporate offers.

  1. Reputation and Reviews

Reputation precedes a business whether it be online or offline. For online flower delivery websites, it is quite easy to check. Look for customer reviews on the website and the social media handles of the business. Look at the payment options. Are all financial and data security measures being in place? Do they provide SSL/TSL security? It is easy to check.

If the website has a “lock” icon or “HTTPS” lettering before the URL, then you can be sure that the website is secure. Confirm if the online payment modes are reliable and safe. Also, check if the deliveries are made on time. The best online flower delivery service will provide FAQs and different customer service options including a live chat facility to answer all your questions.


So, these are some of the things to look out for in identifying the best online flower delivery service. Fiorella is one such online flowers and gifts delivery platform that ticks all these boxes. Our payments modes are safe, secure, and encrypted with the highest data security and privacy measures in place.

We provide dedicated phone, email, and live chat support for our customers to resolve all their queries and questions. We provide the best quality flowers and gift choices for our customers. Come, make your loved ones’ special day even better with the help of Fiorella.


Why Fiorella Is the Best Website for Online Flower Delivery in 2022

Shopping online was already popular but after the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the shopping has shifted online. Online flower delivery is not immune to this trend. There are many e-commerce platforms available that cater to this particular space. But some of the online businesses have made their presence felt due to the excellent customer experience and facilities they provide.

Fiorella is one such online platform. With their dedicated presence in all the metros and providing pan India delivery, they have emerged as the foremost website for online flower delivery in our country. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons they have gained this position.

  1. Amazing Visitor Experience

A good website is known for the great user experience it provides to its visitors and customers. Fiorella India’s website has smooth and easy website navigability and an excellent user interface. The website is user-friendly with lots of useful information and blogs about different kinds of flowers, their meanings, gifting choices, and how to care for them. Ordering is easy and you can select your option of a city from the dropdown “Shop” menu. There are numerous customization choices that include flowers, gift options, and add-ons. An amazing user experience with lots of helpful features thus makes Fiorella the best online flower delivery website.

  1. Customized Gift Options

Fiorella provides customized gift options for its customers. Along with the flowers, you can opt for a bouquet, vase, or a wide range of attractive boxes and baskets. You can shop and order for several types of occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and other festivals. Gift add-ons include cakes, Belgian chocolates, macaroons, cookies, scented candles, and champagne flutes among others. And the most important of all, the flowers. You can opt from a range of flowers in different colors and arrangements. There are innovative designs like “Baby Bassinet” that are apt choices for expecting or new mothers. Another noteworthy mention is the flower arrangements in “Letters”. Get the names of your loved ones in a flower arrangement and gift them to make the occasion memorable.

  1. Quick Flower Delivery Services

Flowers are mostly gifted for celebrations and festivals like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It is of paramount importance that these special gifts get to the recipient on time. Fiorella excels in this aspect. Our strong network and reliable delivery partners across the county, ensure that your loved ones receive the flowers and gifts on time. Delivery of the gifts and flowers at the apt time will make the recipient overjoyed. Make your loved ones happier with the help of Fiorella.

  1. Dedicated Customer Care Service

For Fiorella, clients take precedence. Customer satisfaction is what matters. We have dedicated customer service and email support for the different cities we cater to. Our professional and customer-centric teams ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Other than that, there is a live chat option 24/7 to answer all of your queries. Fiorella believes in building long-term relationships with their customers and resolving all their concerns and issues if any so arise. Our excellent customer service is one of the aspects that makes us the best online flower delivery website in India.

  1. Festive Offers, and New Collections

Fiorella’s offerings are the perfect coming together of the classic and the trendy. From classic flower arrangements to new innovative offerings, we provide the best for our customers. From classic red roses in a bouquet to eclectic arrangements of flowers in unique shapes and boxes in materials like acrylic, glass, and suede, we pamper our customers. Our forever roses come in attractive and premium casings and with proper care will survive more than a year. Other than these, we create specialized flower and gift arrangements for festivals and celebrations like Diwali, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries too.

  1. Secure Payment Options

Fiorella is a reputed and trusted online flower delivery platform with the utmost secure and safe payment options. Customer data and financial privacy are our most important priorities. To ensure this, we only use universally trusted third-party hosting and payment providers. Financial details of the customers are encapsulated using the encrypted and tamper-proof protocol in a secure server. The financial data of the customers are not stored and thus all their financial information remains secure.

  1. Social Validation

In this digital age, every business needs customer reviews. It provides social validation to the business. It certifies the quality of products and customer service it provides. Our customers are our patrons and champions. Our satisfied patrons include individual customers, corporates, and celebrities from all walks of life. Their reviews are our accomplishments that tell the story of our relationship with our customers. Have a look at our website and Instagram handle and see for yourself.

  1. Affordable Online Flower Delivery

Fiorella provides premium flower and gift arrangements at an affordable price range. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home and waste time going through different physical shops in search of your preferred choice of flowers. We have premium and exotic varieties of flowers available in different arrangements and boxes. Along with it, you can include several add-ons ranging from Belgian chocolates, baked delicacies, premium champagne flutes, scented candles, and teddy bears.

You can order and gift these premium luxury items along with your choice of flowers at an affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else. And the best thing about it is that it is all available at a click of a mouse and the tap on your mobile screen.


So, these are some of the reasons Fiorella has emerged as the best online flower delivery website. You will find a plethora of flower varieties, bouquets, boxes, and gift choices that truly signify your emotions and feelings to the recipient of the gifts. If you have not availed of our services then order today and become a part of the Fiorella family.