Flower Decoration Ideas for Ganpati Festival

The birthday of Lord Ganpati is around the corner. Every year we celebrate the 10-day long festival with love, joy, and excitement. We invite and establish the Lord of prosperity and wealth to our home for the period. He is the one we worship before the start of any new beginnings or auspicious activities. Of Course, we will get lights, showpieces and other decorative items for the festival but what about flowers? Flowers are considered auspicious in our culture. Beautiful flower decoration is not only pleasing to the eye but refreshing as well. Flowers will brighten the home and the prayer room. Guests and relatives visiting you during this period will also appreciate and be impressed with the flower decoration you do at home. Let us look at some Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers for this festival period.


  1. Use a String of Flowers


We are going with the traditional decorations first. The marigolds are tied in a string and tied around the entrance to the home and the Mandir at home. Why not add other flowers to it? Add daffodils, carnations, and orange roses with marigolds. Hang it all over your home. Get some yellow-colored tulips too and with marigolds place them at the Lord’s feet. This flower decoration for Ganpati is a perfect combination of both modern and traditional sensibilities.


  1. Flowers and Diyas in a Pot


Take a brass pot and fill it with water. Get some flowers without stems so that they float in water. These could be lotus flowers, daisies, or orchids among others. Next, put some light-weight wide-brimmed diyas in the pot. Pour some flower-based fragrance in the pot too. You can put these arrangements in the pooja room and your living room. Guests who visit will marvel at this amazing Ganesh Chaturthi flower decoration.


  1. Flowers in Wicker Baskets


Get some small wicker baskets and fill them with different flowers. Make a bed of small flowers like marigolds in the bottom and then fix some flowers with long stems over them. Include red hibiscus among these which is said to be one of the favorite flowers of the Lord. This multi-flower and multi-colored fragrant decoration will be so pleasing to the eyes. Now hang these baskets in the pooja room and any other rooms you want to decorate.


  1. Flower Balls for Decoration


Combine different flowers and tie them in the shape of circular balls. Hang these balls all over your home, pooja room, and place some on the feet of Lord Ganpati’s idol too. This simple flower decoration for Ganpati is easy to execute and will brighten your pooja room and home.


  1. Chandelier Made of Flowers


Chandeliers impart a regal ambiance to the place where they are hung. Decorate your home with a flower chandelier to celebrate the Lord’s birthday. You can make these yourselves by tying the strings of flowers in a chandelier shape or by commissioning your neighborhood florist to do it. The chandeliers can be made of a single type or several combinations of flowers together. Tie them in all the rooms with special emphasis on the pooja room. This decoration will give your home a stately and welcoming feel for the Ganpati celebrations.


  1. The Floral Wall

You can decorate the whole wall behind the Lord’s idol with flowers. This may range from flowers with different shades of the same color or a combination of multi-colored flowers. You can do it yourself or get a florist to do it. This flower decoration for Ganpati will look unique and be talked about for a long period.


  1. Ceiling Decorated with Flowers


This Ganpati decoration idea with flowers is a sort of continuation from above. Why not decorate the ceiling with flowers instead of only walls! With flowers use decorative lights, hang flower baskets and chandeliers, decorate the pooja room with flower bouquets and make full use of your imagination.


  1. Some Decoration Ideas for Entrance and Staircase

Place flower pots on each step of the staircase. Light candles alongside these flower pots. You can also decorate the railing of the staircase with flower garlands. Put earthen pots or vases filled with flowers on both sides of your entrance. Decorate at the top and the sides with a string of flowers and draw religious motifs alongside the walls. As soon a guest enters your living room, they should be greeted by the sight of a ceremonial lamp. All this Ganesh Chaturthi flower decoration makes for a gorgeous entrance and a beautiful background for the Ganpati celebration.



Flower decorations are natural and eco-friendly. These are just a few Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers. You can use your imagination or consult with a florist for other beautiful decorations. These decorations will fill your home with fragrance, colors, and joy in this festival season and also show your faith and dedication to the Lord.