The Best Flower Bouquet To Say Congratulations With

Flower bouquets and arrangements are used to convey different types of emotions. With the help of flowers, you can show your joy, pride, love, and appreciation in a beautiful manner. As such, these are ideal gifts to say congratulations with. You can gift them to celebrate milestones, important moments, and achievements of your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances. The world of flowers is vast and beautiful, but a bit confusing for the uninitiated. You have our sympathies if you ever were apprehensive and undecided on selecting flowers for gifting. To help and assist you in this noble task, we have created a guide to congratulations flowers for different occasions. Let’s dive in and educate ourselves on the best flowers to say congratulations with below.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for a New Job or Job Promotion

Yellow flowers represent cheer and happiness. They also signify friendship, success, and feelings of pride. Gift a bouquet of 25 yellow roses to your friend or siblings who have landed their dream job. Yellow roses look bright and cheery and convey your heartfelt pride and joy to the receiver embarking on the next stage of their profession. For promotion at work, the choice can be between yellow roses and sunflowers. A sunflower bouquet is also a great choice for wishing your friends to have a long and successful career as they symbolize warmth and longevity. You can also gift a pink roses arrangement to a loved one on their elevation as pink represents love and happiness.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for New Births

Flowers in pastel colors are best for celebrating a new baby. Roses in pastel shades symbolize love and new beginnings while light-colored carnations symbolize love and good luck. Get a mixed bouquet of these flowers along with rainbow roses to express your adoration of the newly arrived bundle of joy. For the pretty princess, select pink or lavender-colored roses and carnations. Alternatively, you can send a bouquet of pink stargazer lilies. For the bonny boy, send an arrangement of blue Iris and roses. Don’t forget to add newborn necessities like baby moisturizers, baby wipes, diapers, and a soft cuddly teddy bear.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Excelling in Sports and Competitions

Gerbera daisies and Orchids are apt choices as congratulations flowers for celebrating success. Gerbera daisies represent energy, friendship, joy, and vitality. Gift a vibrant multi-colored daisy arrangement to your close friend who excelled in sports activities. Gift a bouquet of yellow orchids or daisies to a friend who has cleared a competition recently as orchids represent pride and maturity and yellow is the color of friendship. Gift a purple daisy and orchid arrangement to an elder family member, boss, or someone who you look up to on their achievements. Purple signifies dignity, admiration, tradition, and success and is perfect to give for these special moments.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Higher Education

Orange flowers represent exuberance, enthusiasm, and excitement. Lilies and roses in orange color radiate happiness and celebration. Gift a bouquet of orange lilies and roses to a young friend or family member who is going abroad or joining a reputed college or university for higher education. These will truly project your pride and joy on their achievement.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Artistic Achievement

Tulips are bulbous vibrant flowers that are admired the world over for their beauty and elegance. Their symmetrical petals represent perfection and they themselves symbolize grace, elegance, fame, and passion. Send a mixed tulip arrangement to that actor, speaker, or artist friend of yours on their recent successful performance or achievement.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Engagements

White flowers signify new beginnings. White and light-colored roses are the preferred congratulations flowers for an engagement. If you prefer something a little less traditional then present a white and pastel-colored Chrysanthemum arrangement to the newly engaged couple. These cheery flowers represent optimism, rejoicing, and longevity, and therefore are ideal as an engagement present.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for a New Home

Potted orchids and elaborate mixed flower arrangements look amazing and aesthetically pleasing and are a great housewarming gift. Potted orchids are available in a variety of sizes and colors and with the right amount of care will flower for months. Another option is to gift “forever roses”. These gorgeous flowers are stunning decoration items and with proper care will last for nearly three years and more. Yet another great alternative is to give a bouquet of mixed Alstroemeria flowers. These beautiful flowers come in eye-catching multi-colored hues like yellow, red, pink, and purple among others. Alstroemeria flowers symbolize prosperity and longevity and are perfect as a house-warming gift.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Anniversaries

Red roses have always been the most preferred and popular choice as anniversary gifts. These beautiful blooms represent deep love, romance, and admiration. You can also gift pink hydrangeas to your partner along with some jewelry on your anniversary. Gift a bouquet of purple hydrangeas or fresh cut lilies in a mother-of-pearl vase to a much older and admired couple on their anniversary.

  1. Congratulations Flowers for Birthdays

You get a multitude of choices when picking flowers as a birthday present. Gift pink roses to your crush on their birthday and yellow roses to a close friend. You can also order a daisy and lily arrangement in the favorite color of the recipient. You can also gift sunflowers and daffodils to signify your best wishes and warmth in the relationship.

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7 Best Flowers for Housewarming Gifts


A new home is a new start, a new beginning. The new house is usually empty and a blank space. Flowers make a home a welcoming place and bring freshness and joy with them. They also bring positivity and sometimes eliminate air-borne pollutants too. Flower bouquets thus are the obvious and perfect gifts for housewarming. Given below are our picks of the top 7 flowers as best housewarming gifts.

1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria are beautiful flowers native to South America. These are also called ‘Peruvian Lilies’ and ‘Lily of the Incas’ as they resemble miniature lilies. Alstroemeria is an excellent choice as flowers for housewarming gifts due to their unique look and longevity. These flowers come in different colors like pink, red, yellow, orange, purple, and apricot. They have numerous blooms in a single stem which make for a lush and well-formed arrangement. Alstroemeria brightens the new homes and fills them beautifully. You can choose them in any color but purple looks especially good in a bouquet.

2. Tulips

Tulips are beautiful and much-admired flowers and even popular in paintings too. Originally, they were cultivated in Africa, Asia, and Europe, especially the Netherlands. Tulips come in several different colors including bright red, white, yellow, dark purple, and pink. These flowers represent the arrival of spring and signify to the host that a new spring has arrived in the form of a new house and that their life is filled symbolically with different colors. You can also gift a bouquet of yellow tulips which represents that the new house for the host will be sunny and warm and represent growth and happiness.

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are beautiful summer flowers of east Asian origin. These have a beautiful cluster shape with numerous petals packed together like a globe. Hydrangeas come in several colors like pink, white, purple, and blue among others. A gift of different hydrangea blooms in a flower bouquet brightens the environment and perks up the surroundings and is an excellent choice as a housewarming gift. You can also gift pink and purple hydrangeas separately which denote appreciation and achievement to the proud house owner.

4. Roses

You can never go wrong with roses. They are the universal symbol for good wishes, love, and praise. Red roses are versatile flowers for gift due to their amazing color and sweet fragrance. You can also substitute red roses with yellow or peach roses as they symbolize appreciation and achievement and congratulating the proud homeowner. You can also gift a forever rose in a box or glass dome. These are preserved highest quality natural roses that can last up to 3 years with proper maintenance. These are ideal housewarming flower gifts as they will last for a long time and not get discarded soon.

5. Green buttons

Green buttons are Chrysanthemums of the green variety. They are also called button mums and Pompons. They have round-shaped flowers with beautiful small petals which encircle and cover the central disc making it invisible. With their distinct globe-like shape and green color which signifies abundance and a new start, they are the perfect flowers as housewarming gifts.

6. Lilies

Lilies are brightly colored flowers with an amazing fragrance. They are also called May birth flowers. Lilies look magnificent and project a classy and majestic image. Lilies are a preferred choice as a flower for gifts during housewarming celebrations. They signify cheerfulness and happiness when congratulating someone on their new home. Gift them in a mother of pearl vase which will make your gift a center of attraction.

7. Anthurium

Anthurium is a gorgeous exotic flower that also acts as a natural air purifier. These are also known as Flamingo Lilies and Pigtail plants. One study by the American Horticulture Therapy society claimed that people’s mood improves and concentration becomes sharper when in proximity to Anthurium plants. Their bright red heart-shaped flowers and dark green leaves make the house a lively place and brighten the environment. These large green leaves also purify the air by respiration and getting rid of air-borne pollutants like ammonia, toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene. Other than that, in Fengshui, they symbolize luck and longevity and are thus best suited to be gifted as flowers for housewarming.


Flowers are the best choice to give as a housewarming gift. They make the new homeowners comfortable in their new surroundings and transform and beautify the place. They bring joy and new life to the place. Next time you plan to attend a housewarming party, do gift the hosts a flower bouquet from the above seven choices.