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Forever roses are Real Roses that last upto a year. At Fiorella, we aim to bring to you nothing but the best; therefore, we bring these beautiful roses straight from the land of effervescence: Ecuador. These roses are cut at their prime and treated with a non-toxic solution that terminates their growth. Hence, the flower ceases to grow, maintaining the current size, shape, and appearance.

YES! These roses last almost a year - than regular roses. They are absolutely natural and undergo a certain treatment that helps maintain their longevity and shape. We provide a variety of colours that you can choose from. These flowers not only make an excellent decorative item for a whole year, but, when gifted, also remind your loved one of your eternal love month after month.

Since these flowers last a year, people are often under the misconception that they require regular care. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since the roses have already been treated, they will maintain their own shape and shelf life. They are not to be watered and it’s best to store them in the box that they came in. If they start collecting dust, they can be brushed gently using a duster. Additionally, they are to be kept away from sunlight and extreme heat as exposing them to heat will dim their colour. With proper care and minimum handling, these are bound to last longer. Our boxes contain an instructions card that will provide all the details that need to be kept in mind.

Depending on the nature of customisation, we do offer the choice to our customers. We have an array of options that one can choose from. We do not usually personalise the boxes unless the order is placed in bulk; however, our clients can choose from our wide range of in-house collection that includes a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Please feel free to call us anytime for more details. We are here to make your experience with us as comfortable and memorable as we possible can.

Since gifting flowers to loved ones can never go out of fashion, we are dedicated to make door-step deliveries to those special people in your life. We deliver fresh roses in six cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata, Surat, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. We offer various time-slots that our customers can choose according to their convenience. For same-day deliveries, the clients are required to call us. Whatever the occasion is, we’ve got you covered! If you think presenting fresh roses was ample, you are in for a surprise! In addition to delivering the most exquisite fresh flowers, we also deliver Forever Roses PAN-India.

Note: The delivery happens in our cars and if the car cannot reach the delivery address we are not responsible and we will not be able to deliver.

We do not have a store as of now. Flowers can be picked up from our workshop after placing the order on a prior notice.

An order once placed, cannot be cancelled or refunded.

We are here to serve you in the best possible way. We do accept orders for the same day, however, in that case, the flower options would be subject to availability at the time of placing the order.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and tons of other surprises are meant to materialise at the onset of the day. We take care of this aspect too and offer midnight deliveries with an additional charge. Please call us to know more.

The longevity of the flowers depends on the nature of care given to them; weather conditions too play a major role in their durability.




If you’re searching for something exuberant and unique, look no further. Our Exotic range of flowers are a state of finesse and panache. Since these flowers are brought from Holland, the colours of these are subject to availability. In case you place an order for these and they are unavailable, we will refund you the whole amount and will also give you alternative options that you can then choose from.

The work of art Belgian truffles that we offer as an add-on are eggless. All the ingredients in these are obtained from Belgium. These chocolates make an excellent add-on with our gorgeous arrangement of flowers and are absolutely delicious.

We also offer macrons as an add-on. These contain egg and are also utterly appetising.

We aim to deliver your order to you with utmost perfection. We truly understand the effort and time spent in placing your order with us; hence, it is our biggest responsibility to deliver your order timely and flawlessly. The orders are delivered by trained employees in our company cars.

Yes, we do all kinds of decors. Be it a birthday celebration, anniversary party, weddings, baby showers, dinners, corporate events, and so forth, we’ve got your back!

We make a conscious effort to serve our corporate clients with utmost sincerity and dedication. We have a variety of things to offer to fulfil your corporate requirements, from decorating corporate events and dinners to presenting our most exquisite arrangement of flowers, designing corporate invites, collaborating on events, and much more. Please call us for more details.

As invites are the first step to any significant event in your life, we attend to this facet with paramount importance. We create invites for all kinds of occasions. The customers can choose from an assortment of designs that we have. Alternatively, you can also give us your requirements and share your ideas, and we will take care of those.

We feel dejected about not being available throughout India, but we are here to cater to your needs and promise to deliver your affection to your loved ones in any part of the country. Although we are only placed in six cities, we deliver Forever Roses PAN-India. We require a two-day notice to deliver in any part of the country.

A few steps go a long way; follow ours to ensure your blooms last longer!

Although your flowers contain oasis, which keeps the flowers hydrated, sprinkling water on the flowers the next day ensures longevity of your blooms.

The Sun can't resist us but as they say too much of everything is bad:

Keep the box away from direct sunlight and other forms of heat, as with excessive warmth they wilt a lot faster.

Cool temperatures are bloom-friendly:

The endurance of your flowers is dependent on the weather; hence, it's best to keep them in an air-conditioned surrounding.

It is after-all a Box of Love:

With a bit of care and attention, your little box of love is bound to last longer

We ensure fresh arrangements made on the same day. If certain flowers or colors aren't available, we'll substitute with equal-quality alternatives. Please note, refunds will not be possible due to our commitment to freshness

We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to meet your expectations. However, unforeseen circumstances such as heavy traffic or road construction may occasionally cause delays. Rest assured, our team is committed to delivering your order promptly. In the rare event of a delay, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to get your items to you as soon as possible.

FAQ flower

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