What are Forever Roses Types of Forever Roses!

What are Forever Roses? Types of Forever Roses!

Flowers, especially roses, evoke the feeling of love, happiness, and delight when gifted by someone special for an equally special occasion. You are delighted and feel happy whenever you look at them. You can lengthen their longevity by putting them in a vase of water but entropy sets in nevertheless. The flowers start to wilt and even though you feel guilty you have to throw them away later. What if these beautiful bounties of nature remain fresh and in bloom for a very very long time, maybe for the years to come? That is where forever flowers come in the picture. These flowers and especially forever roses stay fresh for a year or even more if properly cared for. Let’s talk about them in detail.

What are Forever Roses?

Forever roses are real preserved roses undergone preservation to retain their freshness. These are also known as Eternal, Eternity, Infinity, and Everlasting roses. These roses will remain for a long time with no need for watering and require only light maintenance on your part.

Significance of Forever Roses

These are usually gifted to convey the feeling of togetherness and love which grows strong day by day. Gifting infinity roses symbolizes unending love for a special person. The long-lasting appeal of these roses will continue to charm and delight you or that special person with whom you shared or received this precious gift.

How Long do These Roses Last?

Best forever roses have been known to last for nearly 3 years. These can definitely last up to a year and even more by taking some precautions. These precautions include not freezing them but keeping them at room temperature and avoiding direct sunlight and water. Do keep them in their original packaging ie in the box as they arrived in. These are beautiful and premium quality boxes specially made to showcase the beauty of the roses gifted. If taken outside of the box, only a light dusting every couple of months with a soft cloth is required.

Sourcing of Forever Roses

To create these types of forever Roses, top-quality roses grown in the perfect climatic conditions are selected. High-quality roses for this purpose are generally chosen from Ecuador and Columbia. Both these countries are well known for the highest quality of their roses. These two countries due to their geographical presence in the South American continent have perfect climatic conditions like ample sunshine and rainfall and the right type of soil required for the cultivation of high-quality roses. The roses are selected when they are in full bloom and at the top of their peak.

Methodology for Creating Forever Roses

After the roses are picked, they are cut at the stem and then bleached and dehydrated. The sap is taken out and replaced with a specially formulated waxy and silica-like hypoallergenic solution. This non-toxic solution is specifically developed for the florist chains specializing in creating forever roses. The solution preserves the roses in their peak form and the flowers retain their shape, structure, and softness. The flowers are then dyed and colored. The colors include Purple, Red, Pink, Green, Black among others. Expensive and best forever roses may require a little touch-up of shellac and lacquer, former of which is a natural dye and the latter the same thing in a mixture of alcohol.

Types and Finishing of Forever Roses

These roses may come in different types of finishing or dips and trims. These are discussed briefly below.

  • Fully Dipped Roses

These roses are fully dipped and plated in a solution of pure silver, platinum, or 24K gold. These roses can be gifted as per the significance of the event. The possibilities are endless. The dipping and finishing are further discussed below.

  • Gold Finished Roses

Gold finish in this case means that forever roses are dipped and plated in a pure solution of 24K gold. These may further be divided into separate finishing like Yellow Gold or Red Gold. Give gold-finished flowers if you have spent a significant amount of time together or even if you just like to gift something unique to your beloved.

  • Silver Finished Roses

In the case of silver finishing the preserved roses are completely dipped and thereafter plated in a solution of pure silver. This gives a distinct look to the rose. Silver is generally gifted on the 25th wedding anniversary. What better way to surprise your spouse by gifting them a silver-plated rose.

  • Platinum Finished Roses

The process here involves dipping and plating the infinity roses in platinum to achieve the end result. Platinum is an expensive metal even when compared to gold. Platinum finished roses are thus sold at a premium. Platinum can be gifted if someone close has crossed a significant milestone in life and emerged as a winner or even to show how precious they are to you.

  • Trimmed Forever Roses

Trimming in this case means that the edges of the rose petals are plated with pure silver, gold, or platinum while the rest of the rose retains the color it is dyed in. Some of the more expensive trimmings may have a very high detail or design custom-crafted as per the specifications of the client. The stem and leaves can also be ‘trimmed’ or left as original.

  • Crystal Beaded roses

These are rare niche products. These are custom-made and take up to two weeks to complete. The crystals are adorned by hand and as per the design and color suggested by the customer. Each of these types of rose is different than the other, so you have the satisfaction that your gift is unique from others. These are the priciest types of forever roses in the market.

Packaging of Forever Roses

Forever roses are generally packed and sent in beautifully crafted boxes. These boxes are different from the usual bouquets and vases. Since these are premium roses, so the packaging they come in reflects that. The boxes are made either of glass, acrylic, or wood as per the requirement and come in distinct and attractive shapes like cubes, hat-shaped, open displays, closed displays, and even shaped like jewelry boxes but bigger. Infinity roses in open boxes have to be lightly dusted sometimes while the closed ones should be displayed on special occasions. A whole separate category includes closed glass domes, shaped like a snow globe. The rose gets secured for a long time because of this design. There is no danger of dust settling in, and no exposure to the atmosphere ensures more longevity for the flower enclosed.


Hope we have helped broaden your understanding about forever roses. These roses are in a class of their own and should be gifted to that special person in your life. These will touch the heart and delight the person receiving the gift. Go ahead, and pick your favorite one.

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