Why are Flowers a Good Birthday Gift

Why are Flowers a Good Birthday Gift?

It gets a little bit tricky when choosing a gift for someone on their birthday. You want to gift something that the host will like. Gifting beautiful flowers for birthday wishes is the best option in this case. They are beautiful to look at and convey well wishes to the receiver. Let us look into some of the reasons below why flowers make such birthday gifts.

Reasons for Gifting Flowers

a. Universal Appeal

Flowers have universal appeal. They are beautiful and known to uplift the mood just by looking and smelling them. Gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers for birthday conveys to the receiver your good intentions and joy. These can be gifted even on weekdays in the office. This is an appropriate gift acceptable during office hours. Ensure that a vase is included with flowers so they can be properly displayed in the office.

b. Easy to Handle

Flowers as birthday gifts are ideal as they occupy less space. This is the perfect gift for persons who have limited space available at home or who like to declutter and simplify their homes. These gifts can be disposed of easily after a week or two and are biodegradable too and thus eco-friendly.

c. Can be Gifted Remotely

If you are unable to attend the birthday, maybe you are out of town or live far away or indisposed in some way, sending birthday flowers conveys that you care and think about the person and keep them in your thoughts even when you are physically apart.

Some Popular Flower Choices Gifted on Birthdays

Flowers as a gift are universally appreciated but some flowers are better suited or chosen over others as birthday flowers. Let us look into some of these below.

a. Roses

It is not a cliché but roses are the most popular flower all over the world. Roses are beautiful with thousands of varieties in existence. They come in different sizes and colors. A red rose is gifted as a token of love but other colored roses signify different emotions and meanings as per their color. Here are some of the colored roses with different meanings.

  1. Red Roses- A universal symbol of romantic love
  2. Yellow Roses-Represent friendship, joy and cheer
  3. Orange Roses-Represent enthusiasm and passion
  4. Pink Roses-Represent admiration and happiness
  5. Peach Roses-Represent appreciation and gratitude

With all the meanings and significations inherent, you can gift a bouquet of a single color or a combination of various color roses as happy birthday flowers.

b. Lilies

Lilies are beautiful flowers having six petals with generally a trumpet shape but some other species of lilies may differ. Lilies come in so many variations that even a fussy or extremely choosy customer will find one to like. Lilies make an excellent choice as beautiful flowers for birthday wishes as they represent happiness and positive thoughts and bring cheer and brightness to birthday celebrations.

c. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are instantly recognizable flowers with their big bright yellow and black colored flowers and large stalks. They are cheerful shiny flowers that denote loyalty and admiration and have a lot of other positive meanings. Gift them to a dear and loyal friend on their birthday and you will make their day special.

d. Daisies

Daisies are beautiful flowers found all over the world with a slight similarity to sunflowers in appearance. Their name means ‘ day’s eye’ in old English and they come in a number of bright colors with the most popular being white, pink, and blue. Daisies signify innocence, beauty, and cheerfulness and should be gifted as a beautiful bouquet of flowers for birthday.

e. Carnations

Carnations are an extremely popular flower. These are graceful and cheerful flowers with a subtle light fragrance. Carnations symbolize love and charm and come in many different colors. Some of the colored carnations with different meanings are as below.

  1. White Carnations- Represent wishing someone good luck and also pure love.
  2. Light Red Carnations- Represents admiration and appreciation.
  3. Dark Red Carnations- Represent deep affection and devotion.
  4. Purple Carnations- Represent soft and kind feelings towards someone.

Gift the carnations in several colors as happy birthday flowers to show the different kinds of emotions you hold towards the recipient.

f. Daffodils

Daffodils are spring flowers and thus associated with spring, the season of color, new blooms, and the awakening of nature after the harsh winter months. These also symbolize creativity, renewal, arising, and inspiration. Gift them to a close friend and loved one on their birthday who is starting something new. It may be a new job, business, relationship, new home or even writing a new book. Gifting daffodils will signify that you wish the best for them and hope they achieve success and get happiness henceforth.


Flowers as birthday gifts also celebrate the relationship you have with the person receiving them. Gifting flowers always denotes that you care about the person. Flowers amplify the meaning of the occasion too. They enhance joy and happiness in the birthday celebrations. Do keep in mind the color of the flowers before gifting. A color perfect for a lover may not be appropriate for a close work friend. But you can always consult your neighborhood florist who can help you pick the right set of flowers to convey the exact meaning behind the birthday wishes. So, pick the right bunch of flowers and join the birthday celebrations.

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