best christmas flowers

Gifting flowers at Christmas is the best way to spread holiday cheer and goodwill. Gifting flowers to a loved one not only pleases the recipient but also helps decorate and beautify their home on Christmas. Let us look at some best Christmas flowers to gift your loved ones this year.

  1. White Lilies

White Lilies with their shape like a Christmas star are the perfect choice as Christmas flowers. Their shape, fragrance, and white color bring a classic and elegant appeal to a Christmas gift. Lilies symbolize innocence, purity, grace, and peace which are all associated with Christmas. You can gift a bouquet of different white lilies like Peace lilies, Madonna lilies, and Calla lilies together or include a dash of color like stargazers or other bright varieties. Whatever you choose, your loved ones will be happy to receive such a thoughtful gift from you.

  1. Amaryllis

Next on our list of best Christmas flowers are these graceful bounties of nature. These large, vibrant, and trumpet-shaped flowers come in several colors including, white, red, purple, orange, pink, and yellow. Cut Amaryllis flowers with proper care can last more than three weeks. Amaryllis flowers can be gifted for different occasions depending on their color. These flowers as a whole symbolize love, innocent joy, and celebration. Gift a bouquet of these beauties to your partner on Christmas eve to show how much you appreciate their company and want to share in the Christmas festivities with them.

  1. Roses

What is left to say about roses? These versatile and classic gift choices can be given for all occasions depending on the color. While red roses are the choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day, these also make excellent Christmas flower gifts. A red rosebud symbolizes purity that is associated with Christmas. Red roses also symbolize love, romance, and beauty. Gift a bouquet of red rosebuds and flowers together mixed with a few pine cones, foliage, and berries to your loved ones. It has all the colors of Christmas and winter. Pine cones symbolize winter, while green and red are the color of Christmas. For the adventurous sort, include a box of chocolates and plum cakes if you are not watching your weight.

  1. Poinsettias

Next on our list of best Christmas flowers are the flowers that are most associated with this joyous occasion. Poinsettias are the birth flowers for the December born and thus associated with the birth of Christ. What further solidifies the relation is their similarity in shape to the “Star of Bethlehem” that appeared to the Magi during the birth of Christ. These beautiful flowers symbolize everything associated with Christmas like hope, joy, goodwill, and purity. Gift a bouquet of these beautiful flowers to your loved ones to spread the Christmas cheer.

  1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum flowers are also known as mums are winter blooming flowers and thus associated with Christmas. These round-shaped and densely packed flowers come in a variety of colors like blue, white, yellow, purple, pink, and green. Chrysanthemums are one of the most popular cut flowers all around the world. These flowers symbolize joy, honesty, loyalty, good luck, abundance, and friendship. These are all positive emotions linked to the joyous Christmas spirit. Gift a bouquet of these amazing flowers to your best friend. Ensure not to include white ones as they are not appropriate for Christmas or a festive occasion.

  1. Tulips

Next on our list of best Christmas flowers are Tulips. With a sleek silhouette, tulip bulbs are the epitome of elegance. These cup-shaped flower bulbs are classy and popular as gift bouquets. The cup shape also represents the cup of joy and abundance. An important signification for tulips includes perfect love. Gift a bouquet of tulips of different colors to your sophisticated partner. This symbolizes how their perfect love has filled your life with pleasure and happiness.

  1. Anthurium

Anthuriums are also known as flamingo flowers and painted tongue flowers. These heart-shaped flowers of bright red and pink color and green leaves are associated with joy, happiness, grace, and abundance. Even when cut, these flowers will last a long time due to their glossy and waxy leaves. You can gift these flowers on a variety of occasions. These include gifting as bridal bouquets, housewarming gifts, and even in place of roses on Valentine’s Day. Gift a bouquet of these flowers to your close friends and family this Christmas. It signifies that you think the world of them and always have best wishes for them in your heart.


So, this was our list of the best Christmas flowers to gift your loved ones this year. You can also include foliage in the Christmas bouquets. Foliage-like fragrant eucalyptus leaves, pine cones, and berries raise the aesthetic beauty and appeal of the bouquet and give off a welcoming and happy vibe that complements the Christmas celebrations.

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