Top 7 Best Apology Flowers

Top 7 Best Apology Flowers

All of us make mistakes. These may be intentional or unintentional but some hurt our close ones whether they be family, friends, or a special someone. Sometimes just saying sorry is not enough even if the offended party has forgiven you. You need to make a gesture to show that you are sincerely sorry. The best way to show this is by apologizing through a bouquet of beautiful flowers. The right set of flowers along with a sorry note will express your heartfelt wish to make amends. Some flowers are appropriate and best suited for saying sorry than others. We have compiled a list below of the 7 best apology flowers suited for these kinds of situations.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are the perfect flowers for forgiveness if you forgot an important birthday, date, a meeting with an old friend, or calling your parents on their birthdays and anniversaries. Carnations symbolize that you will never forget the receiver again. White and pink carnations in a beautiful bouquet are best suited for this purpose.

  1. Roses

Roses convey several different meanings as per the color which makes them a perfect candidate as apology flowers. Yellow and orange roses are best for saying sorry to a friend. Select a big bouquet of yellow or orange roses with a heartfelt note tucked in it to apologize to a dear friend. The beautiful yellow and orange roses may just induce your friend to forgive you. Gifting pink roses symbolizes that your intentions were misunderstood and that you want to move forward from the issue. Pink roses also signify appreciation and mean that you appreciate the friendship you had and will continue with it in the ongoing future. Gift a bunch of red roses if you have hurt a romantic partner as red roses symbolize deep love, care, and affection.

  1. Eucalyptus Flowers

Eucalyptus flowers may seem like an odd choice but they are perfect for sending an apology note. The eucalyptus flowers are fluffy and bursting with color. The flowers differ as per the eucalyptus species and come in colors like bright red, orange, white, dark pink, and lime green. Eucalyptus flowers symbolize healing, connection, protection, purification, clarity, and rejuvenation. With all these inherent meanings they are the perfect apology flowers. Send a bouquet of eucalyptus flowers in any color as all the colors and flowers themselves represent connections and clarity from old misunderstandings and healing the fractured friendship.

  1. Anthurium

Anthurium is a species of beautiful exotic flowers. The flowers with their bold red heart shape are perfect flowers that mean sorry. The heart-shaped flowers signify that you are sorry from the depth of your heart and large green leaves signify the nurturing and renewal of an old friendship. Anthurium plant also sucks the toxic pollutants from the air which signifies that all the poison and anger is removed from the relationship by apologizing through Anthurium flowers.

  1. White tulips

Tulips signify the spring season and a new start. White tulips are favored over other colors to send as flowers for forgiveness. White is a symbol of peace and white tulips are a symbol of happiness too. White tulips also signify forgiveness and a new beginning. Sending a bouquet of white tulips increases your chance of being forgiven.

  1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is an exotic flower of South American origin. They look a bit like lilies and come in a variety of colors like pink, lavender, red, orange, yellow, and purple. Alstroemeria flowers signify friendship, love, and devotion. Send a beautiful bouquet of different colored alstroemeria flowers to a devoted friend or loved one you have hurt unwittingly with an apology note stating that their friendship or love evokes the same feeling in you and how sorry you are to hurt them. The note and the beautiful Alstroemeria flowers will brighten their day and you will be easily forgiven.

  1. Daisies

Daisies are beautiful flowers found in a variety of colors and different species worldwide. Daisies symbolize love, friendship, and innocence and are apt flowers that mean sorry. If you have hurt a dear friend then send a bouquet of pink, red and white daisies and also include the daisy of their favorite color to ask for their forgiveness. This rainbow of colors will make the recipient cheerful and, in a mood, to forgive you.


We have all hurt someone but by apologizing we may yet fix the mistake done. Flowers are very effective to make a loved one amenable even if they are angry at the situation. They are the perfect messengers to express the emotions that words may not convey. The flowers can even be delivered after you have already apologized. If sent after apologizing, they will be a reminder to the recipient about the sincerity of your apology. Instead of kicking yourself, grab a bunch of best apology flowers mentioned above and say sorry right now.


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